The goal of this sector is to ensure safety and security of food and feed, safety and security of pesticides and ease commercial traffic flow while maintaining safety of food and reinforcement of consumers and clients confidence in food control authority.


The goal of this sector is to ensure safety, security, quality and efficacy of drugs and issue licenses for drug marketing. Ensure safety of medical plants, health and herbal products. Conduct quality checks on drugs in the market and post - marketing of drugs. Ensure safety of cosmetic products and provide drug information from trusted source to the public or healthcare providers who need such information.


The goal of this sector is to establish regulations and procedures for registration of medical devices and products and associated tools. Ensure safety, quality and efficiency (of medical devices and products, laboratory materials and supplies, medical glasses, contact lens and associated solutions and electronic products and to avoid their adverse impact on human health). Verify safety and accuracy of medical and diagnostic devices calibration. Build comprehensive database for medical devices & products manufacturers and suppliers. Build necessary laboratories and physical testing locations for testing medical devices and products. Monitor medical devices and products, laboratory materials, medical glasses, contact lens and associated solutions during marketing process to ensure they are stored properly according to SFDA conditions. Post marketing tracking of medical devices and laboratory materials, and during use, to ensure safe performance. Ensure that medical devices and products suppliers and distributors perform their duties according to SFDA conditions.


This sector is of significant importance to SFDA as it represents the planning &project management office functions to monitor and ensure progress and completion of SFDA projects. This is in addition to information technology function which is considered the key enabler of SFDA business, contributing to enhancement of SFDA business efficiency and achievement of its strategic plans.