Guideline for Good Clinical Practice05/12/2017
Guidance for classifying the prescription and distribution status of medicinal products19/11/2017
The GCC Data Requirements for Human Drugs Submission v2.124/10/2017
Guidance for Presenting PIL and Labeling Information of Herbal and Health Products23/08/2017
Guideline on the Scientific Data Requirements for Plasma Master File (PMF)22/08/2017
Guideline on Blood Products (Plasma Derived Medicinal Products)22/08/2017
Guideline on Biosimilar Products (Quality Considerations)22/08/2017
GCC specifications for veterinary products22/08/2017
Registration of products according to verification and abridged process06/08/2017
Requirements and Documents for Clearing Cosmetic Products from Customs Ports 02/05/2017