Guidance for Naming of Medicinal Products 24/02/2020
Guidance for Graphic Design of Medication Packaging 23/02/2020
Guideline on Plasma Donation for Plasma Derived Medicinal Products 17/02/2020
The GCC Guidelines for Variation Requirements ( DRAFT) 02/02/2020
Guidance for Paracetamol-Containing Liquid Dosage Forms Products Intended for Pediatrics 30/01/2020
GVP - Product- or Population-Specific Considerations I: Vaccines for prophylaxis against infectious diseases23/01/2020
Guideline on Pharmacovigilance for Veterinary Products21/01/2020
Data Requirement for Renewal the Marketing Authorizations of Veterinary Medicinal Products24/12/2019
Data Requirement for Herbal & Health Products Submission24/12/2019
Draft of Regulatory Framework for Drugs Approval17/12/2019