Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country. The Islamic law (Sharia) has rules to be applied when slaughtering animals. There are Islamic centers issuing “Halal Slaughtering Certificates” worldwide being approved by the “Muslim World League”. The SFDA requires these certificates with all meat and meat products consignments. However, importers could refer to Department of Halal Meat at the Muslim World League; to recognize the approved centers for issuance of Halal slaughtering meat. The World Muslim League can be contacted at the following address:

Department of Halal meat
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mecca - or generosity - PO Box: 537, T. +966 2 5600919
Fax: +966 2 5601319 , +966 2 5601267
Telex 540009/450390 - CABLE / Association - Mecca