World Health Assembly Reviews the Kingdom’s Experience in Eliminating Trans Fats from Food Industry

World Health Assembly has reviewed the Kingdom’s experience as a distinctive international experience in eliminating trans fats from the food to be aligned with the World Health Organization's (WHO) objective, which is aiming to prevent the use of trans fats from food industry by 2023. The session held in Geneva, in attendance of WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom.
SFDA has participated in the World Health Assembly to discussed “Nutrition Policy Action to Save Lives”
SFDA was represented by Faisal bin Fahad bin Sunaid, Director of Healthy Food Department, who gave a presentation in SFDA efforts to eliminate trans fats from the food industry, in addition to the authorities’ participation in the healthy food regulation strategy that launched on September 2017.  
SFDA recently issued a legislation to prevent the use of "Partially Hydrogenated Oils"(PHOs) in the food industry.