SFDA Prohibits Misleading Ingredient List on Food Labels

SFDA has taken appropriate actions and issued circulation to manufacturers and importers of food products to stop misleading ingredients listing on food labels. 
Abdulrahman Alsultan, Executive director of Awareness and Communication explained these actions has taken due to noticed misleading listing of ingredients on food products label by some manufacturers and importers and they promoted the ingredients through social media, which may cause meaningful information for consumers. For example, the way of presenting pH in bottled water and (Probiotic and Prebiotic) in milk and dairy products.
Al Sultan added that the authority has issued a circular to manufacturers and importers of food products in the necessity of adhere against using any claim of ingredient that not permitted and highlighting the ingredients on food labels (only mention it in the ingredient list of the product) in the Saudi Technical Regulation No. SFDA.FD 2333, "Food Requirements with Health and Nutritional Claims". Additionally, it stressed the importance to stop using any ingredient that is not permitted to the same food advertising and marketing regulation.
Abdulrahman Alsultan has pointed out that the authority granted them a deadline of 3 months and it will take the formal steps in case of non-compliance with the circular.