The Saudi health services have grown tremendously in the last few years. There are over 333 hospitals occupying 54000 beds, 2037 health centers, and approximately 217 private medical centers. As well as, an increased number of newly opened hospitals and health centers both in the public and private sector.

Reports show Saudi Arabia to have the highest per capita in medical devices, which lead to increased competition among medical devices manufacturers on the Saudi market(1).

Due to the importance of medical devices in diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The importance of medical devices sector comes from the fact that it is the first in the kingdom that concerns with medical devices safety, conformity to internationally recognized standards, and their safe performance to insure patients and medical devises operators and users safely.

The medical devices sector is also concerned with medical devices of personnel use or home use that are fludding the Saudi market without any basic regulatory requirements, such as glucometer , blood pressure devices , …etc.
The sector is also in charge of regulating electronic and electromagnetic devices that are suspected to have adverse effect on human health.