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2022-03-24 The Process for Receiving Requests in the Path of Non-sterile, Non-measuring Low Risk Medical Devices
2021-08-18 Updates on the compliance timeframe for the requirements of medical devices unique device identification (Saudi -DI)
2021-06-23 Updating the requirements for approval of advertising for medical devices and fees
2021-04-01 Extending of work procedures for Medical Device Marketing Authorization (MDMA) requests until the medical device law comes into effect
2021-01-13 Detailed following Announcement (ANNOUNCEMENT 2/13/MDS-AN012)
2020-12-28 extending deadline for receiving requests for marketing authorization applications via GHTF route
2020-09-10 launching medical devices unique device identification (Saudi -DI) system and the Compliance timeframe
2020-08-09 Stop receiving marketing authorization application MDMA via GHTF route
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