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How to update the responsible person information in the radiation emitting medical devices assessment report?

Contact the radiological health executive administration via this e-mail:

What are the requirements of evaluating the safe use of radiation emitting medical devices in healthcare facilities?

"You can find the requirements and guidance through this link

"What are the importation and clearance requirements for medical imaging products? "

The importation and clearance requirement is being updated and it will be published soon.

What are Medical Imaging products?

They are non-radioactive pharmaceutical products or products used in radioscopy, and SFDA approval is required for importing

Is there a fixed Percentage of Saudization of jobs for whom request to be a service provider for Quality Assurance and Radiation Measurements?

thers is no fixed percentage, however, each company shall have A Saudi RSO, specialists, and experts as well

What is the Validity of Quality Assurance and radiation measurements service provider license?

The  liscince is valid for 3 years starting from issue date 

What is the process to submit a request for being service provider of Quality Assurance and Radiation measurements?

by submit the request through SFDA administration communcation system to Establishment License Department in Operation Sector 

When submitting an import or re-export request through the company, the name of the medical facility, radioactive material or manufacturer does not appear in the list?

In order the name of the beneficiary appears, the medical facility must register in the electronic system, and  complete all requirements and take the final approval of the application, and It is possible to add radioactive material or manufacturer by sending an E mail to Radiological Health Exicutive Dept. :

Can the amount of radioactive materials entered into the electronic system be exceeded?

The quantity cannot be exceeded until it is modified in the practice license, then modify the data in the electronic system.

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