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Services of the General Authority for Food and Drugs

Food Registration System (FIRS)

The Electronic Services at the Food Sector It’s an electronic programs designed to build up & develop a database for all establishments of imported or locally produced foodstuff, including names of domestic and foreign food companies, their authorized agents, warehouses, and food products which are licensed and registered in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Animal Feed National Registry (AFNR)

AFNR is an electronic system aims to register and build up database for all Feed establishment(s): National or foreign that are engaged in importing, exporting, manufacturing, transporting, handling, storing and distributing feed materials and non-medicated feed additives. AFNR-registered establishment(s) can receive news, updates, and access other electronic services from SFDA about feed.

Gulf Rapid Alert System for Food

The aim of Gulf Rapid Alert System for Food (GRASF) is to facilitate rapid exchange of information among concerned governmental bodies in GCC countries, regarding notifications and alerts related to food and food contact materials safety, to take necessary and preventive measures for protecting consumer’s health.

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