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SFDA Obliged Bakeries to Limit Salt Levels in Bread Starting from Tomorrow



Starting from tomorrow (Wednesday), SFDA will start applying the Saudi Technical Regulation No.SFDA.FD2362/2018” Technical Requirements of Bread Production”, which obliged all baker manufacturers and suppliers to comply with salt limit in bread to (1/100g) of final product.
This action represents one of the objectives of “SFDAs participation in healthy food regulation strategy”. It comes after the authorities’ efforts to harmonize its legislation with The World Health Organization (WHO) requirements, in aiming to reduce salt levels consumed in food products.
Recently, SFDA has launched awareness campaign on the benefits of reducing salt levels in bread, which contributes to decrease the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension) as well as the ways to calculate salt levels in bread.
SFDA inspectors and Riyadh Municipality recently visited bakeries in Riyadh to raise awareness on how to calculate salt levels in bread among their personnel, in preparation for implementation the regulation tomorrow.
SFDAs inspector visits have extended to other regions. Additionally, they distributed multilingual awareness posters in Arabic, English, Filipino and Urdu. It includes information on the mechanism of calculating salt levels in bread to ensure that it does not exceed the target level.