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SFDA Warns from Using “ Zino Coffee Product”




SFDA Warned consumers from using ‘Zino Coffee’ product which is manipulated with pharmaceutical material and having false medical claims.

SFDA stated that the product is marketed by Itarat Stores and Websites as a natural and efficient product for curing several diseases. Analysis of the product by SFDA laboratories revealed that such claim is false and incorrect and faked with pharmaceutical materials.

The Itarat Stores and Websites promote“ Zino Coffee Product” by false claims pretending that it is a miracle in the world of alternative medicine, with German technology, and cures asthma, nose, chest and sinuses sensitivity, chronic and acute infections such as bone inflammation, joints ache and eczema, psoriasis, chronic colon ulcer and liver infections.


SFDA advised consumers not buy these products and dispose of any samples they may have in hand, adding that it has addressed the respective authorities to take the necessary legal action to recall the product from the market.


SFDA called on consumers to report any drug side - effects  to the National Pharmacovigilence Center at SFDA, Telephone Number 0112038222 Extensions: 2340, 2354, 5721,2356 or Fax Number 0112057662 or email: 


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