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Warning Date

"SFDA" Alerts about a Defect in "hoffrichter” GmbH, Breathing Devices Cables


SFDA Alerted of the need to replace the electrical wiring of "hoffrichter GmbH" devices that help to prevent sleep apnea, for models (Trend 2, Point, and Victor-it).

SFDA noted in a statement, that some  complaints were received by the company about cuts in the protective insulation of the electrical wire socket resulting in exposure of internal wire which may lead electric shock. SFDA recommended to replace all defective electrical wiring of "hoffrichter GmbH" devices, Model (Trend 2, Point, and Victor-it), manufactured in the period from January 2007 till December 2013 with new electric cables free of charge to avoid the risk of electric shock, noting that individuals who have  affected devices shall contact the local distributor Bait Nahawand company at phone number (0114831985). SFDA called on consumers  to report problems related to medical devices and products, by visiting the website of the National Center for Medical Devices Reports  at: SFDA reported that the electric cable number is: 31100015, and the serial numbers of affected devices are:

Serial Numbers J07H0965 J08G3076 J08M3996 J10C5634 J10C5836 BDJ0900343 AFF0700006 J08G3077 J08M3997 J10C5635 J10C5837 BDJ0900344 ALF0700005 J08G3078 J08M3998 J10C5636 J10C5838 BDJ0900345 AFB0800132 J08G3082 J08M3999 J10C5637 J10C5839 BDJ0900346 AFB0800133 J08G3086 J08M4000 BBB1002919 BEE1000589 BCJ1001463 AFB0800134 J08G3112 J08M4001 BBB1002920 BEE1000593 BCJ1001464 AFB0800135 AII0800219 J09D4738 BBB1002921 BEE1000596 BCJ1001465 AFB0800136 AII0800220 J09D4739 BBB1002922 BEE1000598 BCJ1001466 AFB0800137 AII0800221 J09D4740 BBB1002923 BEE1000599 BDD1000370 AFB0800140 AII0800222 J09D4741 BBB1002924 BCE1001062 BDD1000371 AFB0800141 AII0800223 J09D4742 BBB1002925 BCE1001063 BDD1000372 AIB0800072 AII0800224 J09D4743 BBB1002926 BCE1001064 BDD1000373 AIB0800073 AII0800225 J09D4744 BBB1002927 BCE1001085 BDD1000374 AIB0800074 AII0800226 J09D4745 BBB1002928 BCE1001086 BDD1000375 AIB0800075 AII0800227 J09D4747 AIJ0900808 BDE1000384 BDD1000376 AIB0800076 AII0800228 J09D4748 AIJ0900809 BDE1000385 BDD1000377 ALL0700054 J08L3887 BDI0900222 AIJ0900810 BDE1000386 BDD1000378 ALA0800079 J08L3906 BDI0900223 AIJ0900811 BDE1000387 BDD1000379 J08B1999 J08L3924 BDI0900224 AIJ0900812 BDE1000388 BDD1000380 J08B2000 J08L3939 BDI0900225 BDI0900263 BDE1000389 BDD1000381 J08B2001 J08L3940 BDI0900226 BDI0900264 BDE1000390 BDD1000382 J08B2002 J08M3944 BDI0900227 BDI0900265 BDE1000391 BDD1000383 J08B2003 J08M3945 BDI0900228 BDI0900266 BDE1000392 BDE1000394 J08B2004 J08M3946 BDI0900229 BDI0900267 BDE1000393 J10K6461 J08B2005 J08M3947 BDI0900230 BDI0900268 J10C5728 J10K6462 J08B2006 J08M3948 BDI0900231 BDI0900269 J10E6059 J10K6463 J08B2007 AIM0800306 J10B5618 BDI0900271 J10E6060 J10K6464 J08B2008 AIM0800307 J10B5619 BDI0900274 J10E6061 J10K6467 AIE0800162 AIM0800308 J10B5620 BDI0900275 J10E6062 J10K6469 AIE0800163 AIM0800309 J10B5621 BDJ0900305 J10I6270 J10K6470 AIE0800164 AIM0800310 J10B5622 BDJ0900306 J10I6271 J10K6471 AIE0800165 BDI0800016 J10B5623 BDJ0900307 J10I6272 J10K6468 AIE0800166 BDI0800019 J10B5624 BDJ0900308 J10I6273 J10K6472 AIE0800167 BDI0800022 J10B5627 BDJ0900309 J10I6274 J10K6473 AIE0800168 BDL0800023 J10B5628 AIK0900849 J10I6275 J10K6474 AIE0800169 BDL0800024 J10B5629 AIK0900850 J10I6276 J10K6475 AIE0800170 BDL0800025 J10C5630 AIK0900851 J10I6277 J10K6476 AIE0800171 BDL0800026 J10C5631 AIK0900852 J10I6278 J10K6477 J08G3074 J08M3994 J10C5632 AIK0900853 J10I6279 J10K6478 J08G3075 J08M3995 J10C5633 J10C5835 BDJ0900342 J10K6479 J10K6480 BDI1000409 J11D7311 BDD1100702 J11K7992 BEI1101215 J10K6481 BDI1000410 J11D7312 BDD1100703 J11K7993 BEI1101216 J10K6482 BDI1000411 J11D7313 BDD1100704 J11K7994 BDB1200838 J11A6685 J11C6965 J11D7314 BDD1100705 J11K7995 BDB1200839 J11A6686 J11C6966 J11D7315 BDD1100706 J11K7996 BDB1200840 J11A6687 J11C6967 J11D7316 BDD1100707 BEH1101170 BDB1200841 J11A6688 J11C6968 J11D7317 BDD1100708 BEH1101171 BDB1200842 J11A6689 J11C6969 J11D7318 BDD1100709 BEH1101172 BDB1200843 J11A6690 J11C6970 J11D7319 BEB1100966 BEH1101173 BDB1200844 J11A6691 J11C6971 J11D7320 BEB1100967 BEH1101174 BDB1200845 J11A6692 J11C6972 J11D7321 BSH1100007 BCA1202452 BDB1200846 J11A6693 J11C6973 J11D7322 J11F7698 BCA1202453 BDB1200847 J11A6694 J11C6975 J11D7323 J11F7699 BCA1202454 BDB1200848 J11A6695 J11C6987 J11D7324 J11F7700 BCB1202583 BDB1200849 J11A6696 J11C6988 J11D7325 J11F7701 BCB1202584 BDB1200850 J11A6697 J11C6989 BBD1105525 J11F7702 BCB1202585 BDB1200851 J11A6698 J11C6990 BBD1105526 J11F7703 BCB1202586 BDB1200852 J11A6699 J11C6991 BBD1105527 J11F7704 BCB1202587 BDB1200853 J11A6700 J11C6992 BBD1105528 J11F7705 BCB1202588 BDB1200854 J11A6701 J11C6993 BBD1105529 J11F7706 BCB1202589 BDB1200855 J11A6702 J11C6994 BEL1000929 J11F7707 BCB1202590 BDB1200856 J11A6703 J11C6995 BEL1000930 BDH1100735 BCB1202591 BDD1200877 J11A6704 BEL1000826 BBD1105530 BDH1100736 BCB1202592 ALJ1100563 J11A6725 BEL1000827 BBD1105531 BDH1100737 BDK1100804 BDJ1200939 J11A6726 BEL1000828 J11D7395 BDH1100738 BDK1100805 BDJ1200940 J11A6727 BEL1000829 J11D7396 BDH1100739 BDK1100806 BDJ1200941 J11A6728 BEL1000830 J11D7397 J11K7977 BDK1100807 BDJ1200942 J11A6729 BCC1101712 J11D7398 J11K7978 BDK1100808 BDJ1200943 J11A6730 BCC1101713 J11D7399 J11K7979 BDK1100809 BEJ1201442 J11A6731 BCC1101714 J11D7400 J11K7980 BDK1100810 BEJ1201453 J11A6732 BCC1101715 J11D7401 J11K7981 BDK1100811 BEJ1201454 J11A6733 BCC1101716 J11D7402 J11K7982 BDK1100812 BEJ1201455 J11A6734 J11D7412 J11D7403 J11K7983 BDK1100813 BEJ1201456 BDE1000400 J11D7413 J11D7404 J11K7984 BDK1100814 BDK1200981 BDE1000401 J11D7414 J11D7405 J11K7985 BDK1100815 BDK1200982 BDE1000402 BDD1100695 J11D7406 J11K7986 BDK1100816 BDK1200983 BDE1000403 BDD1100696 J11D7407 J11K7987 BDK1100817 BDK1200984 BDE1000404 BDD1100697 J11D7408 J11K7988 BDK1100818 BDK1200985 BDE1000405 BDD1100698 J11D7409 J11K7989 BEI1101212 BDK1200986 BDI1000408 BDD1100699 J11D7410 J11K7990 BEI1101213 BDK1200987 BDD1100701 BDD1100700 J11D7411 J11K7991 BEI1101214 BDK1200988 BDK1200989 BDA1301033 BDB1301076 BDH1301132 BDJ1301183 BDH1301166 BDK1200990 BDA1301035 BDB1301077 BDH1301133 BDJ1301184 BDH1301167 BDK1200991 BDA1301036 BDB1301078 BDH1301134 BDJ1301185 BDH1301168 BDK1200992 BDA1301037 BDE1301094 BDH1301135 BDK1301197 BEE1301557 BDK1200993 BDA1301038 BDE1301095 BDH1301149 BDK1301198 BEE1301558 BDK1200994 BDA1301039 BDE1301096 BDH1301150 BDK1301199 BEE1301559 BDK1200995 BDB1301045 BDE1301097 BDH1301151 BDK1301200 BEE1301560 BDK1200996 BDB1301046 BDE1301098 BDH1301152 BDK1301201 BEE1301561 BDA1301000 BDB1301047 BDG1301099 BDH1301153 BDK1301202 BEE1301562 BDA1301001 BDB1301048 BDG1301100 BDH1301154 BDK1301203 BEE1301563 BDA1301002 BDB1301049 BDG1301101 BDH1301155 BDK1301204 BEE1301564 BDA1301003 BDB1301050 BDG1301102 BDH1301156 BDK1301205 BEE1301565 BDA1301004 BDB1301051 BDG1301103 BDH1301157 BDK1301206 BEE1301566 BDA1301005 BDB1301052 BDG1301104 BDH1301158 BDB1401230 BDJ1301176 BDA1301006 BDB1301053 BDG1301105 BDH1301159 BDB1401231 BDJ1301177 BDA1301007 BDB1301054 BDG1301106 BDH1301160 BDB1401232 BDJ1301178 BDA1301008 BDB1301055 BDG1301107 BDH1301161 BDB1401233 BDJ1301179 BDA1301009 BDB1301056 BDG1301108 BDH1301162 BDB1401234 BDJ1301180 BDA1301010 BDB1301057 BDG1301109 BDH1301163 BEC1401646 BDJ1301181 BDA1301011 BDB1301058 BDG1301110 BDH1301164 BEC1401647 BDJ1301182 BDA1301012 BDB1301059 BDG1301111 BDH1301165 BEC1401648 BEC1401650 BDA1301013 BEL1201479 BDG1301112 BDA1301023 BDE1301084 BDH1301122 BDA1301014 BEL1201480 BDG1301113 BDA1301024 BDE1301085 BDH1301123 BDA1301015 BEL1201481 BDG1301114 BDA1301025 BDE1301086 BDH1301124 BDA1301016 BEL1201482 BDG1301115 BDA1301026 BDE1301087 BDH1301125 BDA1301017 BEB1301490 BDG1301116 BDA1301027 BDE1301088 BDH1301126 BDA1301018 BDE1301079 BDG1301117 BDA1301028 BDE1301089 BDH1301127 BDA1301019 BDE1301080 BDG1301118 BDA1301029 BDE1301090 BDH1301128 BDA1301020 BDE1301081 BDH1301119 BDA1301030 BDE1301091 BDH1301129 BDA1301021 BDE1301082 BDH1301120 BDA1301031 BDE1301092 BDH1301130 BDA1301022 BDE1301083 BDH1301121 BDA1301032 BDE1301093 BDH1301131 BEC1401649  

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  • Call Centre 19999

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