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SFDA" warns hospitals, clinics and health practitioners of imitator surgical sutures


SFDA warned all hospitals, clinics and health care practitioners of imitator surgical sutures marketed as authentic products.
SFDA explained that its inspectors caught surgical sutures named "Simi" in the domestic market, based on a complaint from the representative, after examination and communication with the plant turned out to be impersonator, so it cannot guarantee the quality and safety of the product.
And asked all hospitals and health care practitioners, to be sure that they purchase directly from the manufacturer or its agent or authorized distributor, and to replace the snob device with original device, and complete security model (if any) so that manufacturer can contact on the buyer (in case of the need to take corrective action for the safety of the site or withdraw from the market).
SFDA stressed about the importance to informed in case of any suspicion of imitator product, through communications with the National Center for devices and medical products , with noting not to purchase of medical devices and products via the Internet.

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