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Glucosamine products, 86 reports to date in Sweden


Sweden. The Swedish Adverse Drug Reactions Database contains 86 reports of suspected adverse reactions associated with glucosamine products from 2001 until February 2006, according to the Swedish Medical Products Agency. The Agency says that the majority of these cases were reported after 2002, when the first glucosamine product, Artrox, was approved as a drug. According to the Agency, there are now just over 10 glucosamine products approved in Sweden, including Artrox, Glucosine, Glukosamin Copyfarm and Glukosamin Pharma.

According to the Agency, previously unknown adverse reactions of particular interest included the following: angioedema (n = 2), urticaria (1), colitis (2), gastric/duodenal ulcer (3), oedema/lower limb oedema (3), dizziness (4), arthralgia (2), bronchial asthma/bronchial asthma aggravated (3), diabetes aggravated (2) and hypercholesterolaemia (2). There were also three cases of an increased effect of warfarin during concomitant treatment with glucosamine products.

(Reports in WHO database:
All reactions - 645).


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