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SFDA warns about Purchasing Weight-Reducing Products through Media and Social Communication Systems


 In view of its role of monitoring and control and in implementation of its mission of ensuring safety , quality and efficacy of drugs & safety of health products; SFDA observed that several health and herbal products are being illegally marketed through TV Channels, SMS or Advertisements wherein consumers are attracted by the ability of such products to reduce high percentage of  weight in a short period of time. Therefore, SFDA warns  from believing of such misleading advertisements spreading over unlicensed marketing channels which sell drugs and herbal products of unknown sources and which are not registered in SFDA. Such drugs and herbal products may be very harmful to the health as their content  is unknown. Through analysis of same SFDA found that these products are counterfeit by adding large quantities of restricted substances that may cause addiction, cancer or heart defect e.g., Sibutramine or phenolphthalein, or some laxative additives e.g., Sana.