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SFDA: High Temperatures During Summer may impact Efficacy of Drugs


SFDA called for taking the necessary precautions in order to maintain the quality and safety of drugs during Summer, as high temperatures may change the chemical properties of drugs and hence impact their efficacy or transform them into harmful substances.
In the other hand, studies revealed that ignoring drugs or exposing them to high temperatures may lead to adverse results and changes in the effective composition of the drug. This happens frequently during Summer season particularly when transporting drug during travelling and placing baggage containing drugs in hot places

Experts advise to keep drugs in their original packages and store them according to manufacturers’ or pharmacists’ instructions by reading drug instructions and following the proper method of drug storage for each drug , away from direct sun rays, high temperature and humidity.
Storing drugs on toilet shelves, kitchens, clothes cabinets and under light is not the ideal way to maintain their efficacy, as such places may be damp, meanwhile 25 degree Celsius is considered suitable and ideal for some drugs, unless otherwise special requirements are described in the attached drug bulletin.
Consumers must observe the signs of drug changes, e.g., change in pills or capsules color, change of drug hardness or tenderness, and accordingly avoid using such drugs.
It worth mentioning that SFDA has recently forced drug importers and suppliers to place drug shipments in special refrigerated containers equipped with temperature gauges that register the temperature and humidity during the journey of drug shipment. Also, SFDA Drug Sector conducts drug awareness campaigns, from time to time, during Summer season in order to realize complete awareness and ideal methods of drug use.