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SFDA Alerts From Using Certain Electrical Tooth Brushes produced by ‘Church & Dwight Inc ‘



Saudi Food & Drug Authority would like to alert all users of electrical tooth brushes produced by Church & Dwight Inc ‘ due to sudden release, loosening or break of the brush movable head piece during quick circulation resulting in serious injuries in the mouth, gum, face or eyes, tooth cracking in addition to the risk suffocation by broken parts, when the brush exceeds its estimated 3 months operational life.

SFDA would like to advise all users of electrical tooth brushes to follow these instructions:

1. Make sure that the head of the tooth brush is well fixed to the handle and never use the brush unless it is tightly fixed, or if any faults or defects are observed.

2. Operate the brush out of the mouth before using it.

3. Periodically replace the movable head of the brush every three months or when you observe defects or loosening some of the parts of the brush, to avoid injury.

4. Observe kids directly when they use electrical tooth brushes.

SFDA also would like to encourage all to report about any problems or adverse impacts of medical devices and products to the National Center for Medical Devices Reports (NCMDR) at:

For more information about the medical devices and products announced by SFDA, please visit our website: