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Temporary Embargo on Cattle & Cattle Products Imports from USA


With reference to tracking latest updates about epidemic diseases worldwide by SFDA,  a report on the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) website revealed that  Mad Cow Disease (BSE) has been noticed in USA.


Accordingly, SFDA issued its decree No. 33/90 dated 18/6/1433H (9/5/2012), providing temporary embargo of Cattle & Cattle Products imports from USA due to the said disease, based on OIE website report No. 11893 dated 26/4/1433H (19/3/2012),advising that the disease is noticed in California, USA.

The embargo will continue until health situation will be fixed and Meat Export Organizations will be accredited. However, any cattle or cattle products shipments from USA  dated 27/5/1433H (19/4/2012 )  or later, will not be released.