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Services of the General Authority for Food and Drugs

Electronic Clearance (FASEH) System

An Electronic system provided by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority that enables importers to submit a clearance request for Food & Drug products, medical devices, cosmetics and imported fodder and allows Certification entities to inspect products and issue consignment conformity certificates

Nutrient profiling score calculator

Calculating the nutrient profile score of a product per 100g

Food Labeling Calculator

This calculates the nutritional data of a food product which helps food manufacturers to easily place it on the product nutritional label.

Transparency and Disclosure

It is an electronic system through which financial Payments Disclosure by medical and food companies.


The calorie calculator allows food establishments to create their meals in order to calculate the calories in each meal based on its ingredients


The Public Consultation Platform is an e-portal that offers data about private and public sectors as well as the mass, these data are usually results of questionnaires about their experience with services and systems offered by governmental sectors and focused around the developmental and economic ecosystems

Private Sector Feedback Platform

An online tool that the NCC uses to engage the private sector in the identification of the challenges they face, and in the formulation of the policies and regulations to address them. The platform enables the private sector to lodge complaints, submit feedback on legislations and propose improvements.


It is an electronic system that provides the service of obtaining halal certificate for establishments including food, drug, cosmetics products and services providers.

Unique Device Identifications (Saudi-DI)

UDI system (Saudi- DI) aims to record and document the identifier codes for medical devices based on international standards. Device (DI) codes will help the users and stakeholders to recognize all information related to the device through registered UDI codes and labeled on the device package

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