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“SFDA” Wins the Silver Medal of King Abdul Aziz Quality Award (KAQA)


The Saudi Food & drug Authority (SFDA) won the silver medal of King Abdul Aziz Quality Award (KAQA) for government authorities and institutions in 2020.

The ceremony organized by the General Secretariat of King Abdul Aziz Quality Award (KAQA) on Monday December 21, 2020 to announce the results of the fifth round.

The award aims to stimulate the productive and service sectors to implement the principles and techniques of total quality in order to raise the quality of performance, continuous improvement of internal process and to satisfy the beneficiaries.

The King Abdul Aziz Quality Award is the mother's award for institutional excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, participation in the award is considered one of the most important indicators of the adoption of quality and excellence by the leaders of the establishments and the provision of products and services that meet the aspirations of the beneficiaries.

SFDA adopts the concept of quality and institutional excellence by practicing (quality is a habit and commitment in SFDA), which resulted in achieving the award criteria.

Most notably criteria are the organization's administrative leadership and excellence, clarity in defining the strategic direction, fostering values and behaviors, and representing a good role model.

Additionally, developing systems to support the culture of quality, excellence and creativity, implementation of the principles and requirements of social responsibility, corporate governance and transparency, creating a suitable and encouraging environment as well as preparing and developing the next generation of leaders.

The Authority has also prepared and disseminated strategic objectives and plans in a way that achieves the Saudi Vision 2030 and strategic direction.

Moreover, collecting, analyzing, and studying relevant data and information as an input for the preparation of strategic plans and transforming these objectives into management systems, plans, operational programs, initiatives and development projects, and implementing a system to measure and monitor the achievement of the targets.

One of the criteria that "SFDA" sought to achieve is the focus on providing and creating an attractive workplace for employees, caring for their health, safety and well-being, communicating effectively with employees, training, educating and empowering them to achieve their institutional loyalty.

As well as focus on measuring job performance and learning from its outputs in preparing programs to develop HR knowledge, capabilities, ensure their effectiveness, motivate them, and value their efforts.

The Authority has worked to build partnerships and alliances at the local and international levels with the governmental, private, scientific and non-profit sectors, in order to support the policies, strategies, activities and operations of the authority by cooperation, joint business partnership, and the pursuit of alliances that contribute to achieving strategic objectives.

SFDA has implemented an effective financial strategies, policies and processes to ensure and support the implementation of the authority’s strategy, and to adopt and implement an effective short and long- budget and financial planning systems, efficient expenditure and effective financial reporting.

In addition to managing facilities and equipment, preventing and reducing any negative impacts of facilities and property on society, the environment and human resources in accordance with local and international standards and requirements, optimal use of public resources such as energy and water, as well as minimizing and recycling of waste and materials consumed by products or services in order to preserve the environment.

The Authority is working continuously within the criteria of the award in identifying, designing and managing its operations to create distinct products and services for the beneficiaries and the stakeholders, developing ways and means of communicating with the beneficiaries, listening and working to strengthen the relationship with them, and implementing quality management systems, standard specifications, and local and international accreditations, thereby contributing to the achievement of SFDA’s objectives and vision.

SFDA has achieved the criteria related to meeting the needs of the stakeholders inside and outside the authority, managing institutional performance periodically and continuously through following-up strategic indicators and projects, ensuring that they achieve the targets, addressing the imbalance proactively and setting corrective actions for indicators and strategic projects that face challenges in achieving their targets and to ensure that they are put back on track.


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