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SFDA Warns Against Herbal Product “Montalin Jamu” Due to Containing Active Medicinal Ingredients

Warning Date
Manufacture Company


Warning Reason

- Herbal product that contains a medicinal substance subject to registration

- Contains misleading medical claims

- Unregistered product

Correction Actions

    Coordination with the competent authorities to prevent the e-marketing of the product, as well as its entry into the market

Advices to Consumer

    - Do not use the product, and dispose of their samples

    - Purchase products from specialized outlets with authorized sources

SFDA Warns Against Herbal Product “Montalin Jamu” Due to Containing Active Medicinal Ingredients


The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has warned against the herbal product "MOUNTALIN JAMU PEGAL LINU DAN ASAM URAT" because it contains the active pharmaceutical ingredient "Paracetamol", produced by AIR MADU MAGELANG - INDONESIA POM TR.

SFDA indicated that it had monitored a warning issued by one of the regulatory authorities indicating that the product contains the active pharmaceutical ingredients that are subject to registration, and not as promoted that the product has a natural, plant source.

SFDA also pointed out that it tracked the electronic sales platforms, analyzed samples of the product, and the results of the examination proved that it contained the pharmaceutical ingredient “Paracetamol”, which may cause health risks to the consumer, since the medicinal product is subject to medical supervision.

SFDA advised consumers not to use the mentioned product and dispose any sample they may have, stressing the importance of purchasing products from reliable sources.

SFDA takes the necessary measures, in coordination with relevant parties, to follow up on the recall of the product from the market, preventing its entry, and to take legal measures against violators.

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