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Title Date File
(SG-2103-306-H) Instructions to Prevent Cybersecurity Vulnerability 2021-03-04
(WU2110) NCMDR Weekly Update 2021-02-28
(SG-2102-302-H) Cybersecurity; May Have Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities 2021-02-23
(WU219) NCMDR Weekly Update 2021-02-21
(SG-2102-299-H) The protective flanges come away from trocar cannula 2021-02-18
(SG-2102-298-H) Potential for shortened Recommended Replacement Time (RRT) to End of Service (EOS) 2021-02-15
(WU218) NCMDR Weekly Update 2021-02-14
(SG-2102-297-H) Y-piece and the associated adhesive joint did not conform to specification 2021-02-10
(SG-2102-296-H) Manufacturer Warns of Increased Risk of Fake Counterfeit 2021-02-07
(WU217) NCMDR Weekly Update 2021-02-07
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