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National Center for Medical Devices Reporting

National Center for Medical Devices Reporting ( NCMDR ) A systematic database to manage medical devices' post-market activities, such as Medical devices reporting of Adverse events and complaints, as well as publishing the Safety alerts of Medical devices with follow-up implementation of the corrective actions to ensure the safety, efficacy and performance of medical devices.

Service steps

  1. Enter to the link :
  2. choose the Type of user,  as needed login
  3. Access the Reporting Service
  4. Fill out the form.
  5. Submit / Sending the Report


To Enter as a Company you shall use Ghad Entry Details

Service requirements

Frequently asked questions

  • How to Report a complaint or adverse event?
  • Go to the steps of the service and follow it.


  • What should be reported?


  • Report of any event that leads or might lead to undesired or unexpected issues regarding safety of patients, users, janitors or any other person. This may include the following:

                    - Problems with the design of the device.
                   - Untrained or unaware staff.
                   - Carelessness in use.
                   - Uninstructed modifications.
                   - Inadequate maintenance.
                   - Inappropriate conditions: storage, temperature and use.

  • What actions will be taken by SFDA after receiving the reports?
  • The SFDA will review and verify the reports, and take the necessary actions to ensure the safety of medical devcies.

Target audience

Public / Medical Devices manufacturers / Authorized Representatives / Importer and Distributors / Healthcare providers

Service execution time


Service delivery channels

Digital Platform




Call center


Service guide

User's guide

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